Best software book ever.

January 2, 2008

Ok, it’s not got anything about Moustaches from what I can remember, but this is probably the best software book I have ever read.

It depresses me greatly that I am typing this post with headphones on because the people behind me are hellishly noisy. At least I have anĀ Aeron Chair.


If you are a developer, project manager, ISV or just an average office worker, there’s some great stuff in this book. Do yourself a favour and buy a copy for yourself, and one for your boss.

Some Highlights:

  • Open Plan Offices are a disaster for developer productivity.
  • People work better in teams when they have scope to set their own agenda and are trusted.
  • Your job as a manager is to let people get on with their work and enable them to do the thing they do best. This is basically Joel’s “Abstraction Layer”.
  • You are more productive the quieter your surroundings and the more space you have. You should have an office all to yourself.
  • “Flow” is key, anything that disrupts a developers Flow is the Enemy. Everyone knows this one already though.
  • Methodology and Coding Guidelines are no replacement for quality people and jelled teams. Are you listening CMMI?
  • Putting on headphones and tuning everyone out isn’t the solution.
  • It’s all backed up by cold hard numbers.