Nice Wig Fun Boi. OK, The last post generated quite a bit of interest from people at work and sparked off quite an embarrassing e-mail chain for me when people latched on to this text from the previous post: “…walking around on the arm of a man that has more hair on his upper lip than on his head.”

Some bright spark (David Doherty) came up with the picture you see to your left. He is a generous chap though and has offered to double his donation if I go through the shame of posting this picture on the internet for all to see.

I am a man who is as good as his word, so here we have it.

If you haven’t donated yet…..then you still can, the tash is on until sunday. Will post a couple of shaving pictures here next week.


How to Donate

Go here:

Enter my Registration ID: 1771846

Thanks everyone for making another Movember both embarrassing and profitable.



Movember 2.0

November 18, 2008

Mov 17th Sadly it’s that time of year again, by sadly I mean well….sadly for my co-workers who have to put up with this horrible month, and sadly for Sam because she’s in Madrid and is missing out on the glorious pride she would normally feel walking around on the arm of a man that has more hair on his upper lip than on his head. Nevertheless we push on.

Movember is all about charity, and having to wash your face carefully after every meal. The charity in question is of course the Prostate Cancer Charity who use the proceeds from Movember ( to fund awareness and research around mens health. SO a good cause. OK so I’m not walking a marathon overnight with a bra on, but I will be walking a Marathon of Shame through November with this hideous monstrosity on my upper lip so if you could see your way clear to donating that would be most appreciated. I’ll post more pictures as the month goes on.

How to Donate

Go here:
Enter my Registration ID: 1771846

Thanks for reading and expect more comedy pictues as the month draws to a close.

The Final Push.

December 3, 2007

Despite Movember being officially over I’ve got 1 weeks pledge left in me. I was a late starter, a late developer if you will, so my final day, the day the tash dies is Saturday the 8th of December. It’s got to a rather festive stage now, as you can see below. For your viewing pleasure I’ve pinched a picture from another MoBro which shows a delectable range of specimens. Not sure who I most resemble?

Undercover Brother

The many flavours of “The Mo”:

 Mo Styles.

 This is my last week, so all those who haven’t sponsored, but have promised, there is still time to put your money where my mouth is. (Sorry I couldn’t resist that one). To sponsor me go, enter my registration number which is 175026.

Welcome to Movember

November 10, 2007


So I got invloved in a dare and now find myself in the position of having to maintain a tash through this month. I intend to capture the dash over a series of posts….starting today.

It’s all for “charity”, check it out here: To sponsor me go to, enter my registration number which is 175026.

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