No More Mr Nice Guy.

January 7, 2008

Ok, So I ran across this in the uber-hip Urban Junkies newsletter: 

I’m ashamed.

Once upon a time, in the lands before time, back when Apple was book the first time round I was once an English student. Long gone are those days, long gone indeed. I’m lost without spell-check and can barely work a pen. An ink pen is my hands looks like the paper has been left on the floor of a Tarantino film. “Calligraphy”; didn’t he used to play for Real Madrid in the 50’s?

Anyway, one of my New Years Resolutions is to try and emoticon less and use the English language more. Time will tell. If I can wean myself off saying “Dude” and “Whack Attack” at the same time that can only be a good thing. I’m 31 for heavens sakes.


Best software book ever.

January 2, 2008

Ok, it’s not got anything about Moustaches from what I can remember, but this is probably the best software book I have ever read.

It depresses me greatly that I am typing this post with headphones on because the people behind me are hellishly noisy. At least I have an Aeron Chair.


If you are a developer, project manager, ISV or just an average office worker, there’s some great stuff in this book. Do yourself a favour and buy a copy for yourself, and one for your boss.

Some Highlights:

  • Open Plan Offices are a disaster for developer productivity.
  • People work better in teams when they have scope to set their own agenda and are trusted.
  • Your job as a manager is to let people get on with their work and enable them to do the thing they do best. This is basically Joel’s “Abstraction Layer”.
  • You are more productive the quieter your surroundings and the more space you have. You should have an office all to yourself.
  • “Flow” is key, anything that disrupts a developers Flow is the Enemy. Everyone knows this one already though.
  • Methodology and Coding Guidelines are no replacement for quality people and jelled teams. Are you listening CMMI?
  • Putting on headphones and tuning everyone out isn’t the solution.
  • It’s all backed up by cold hard numbers.